3rd Mini symposium on the blood brain barrier
From basic to clinical research

March 26-27, 2021, Izumo, Shimane Japan

Welcome message

Welcome to the 3rd Mini symposium on the BBB from Basic to Clinical Research in Shimane University, Izumo campus. Izumo city is famous for the Izumo Taisha Shrine, the oldest Shinto Shrine in Japan, and its ancient culture going back to prehistoric times. Geographically, Izumo is blessed by a rich land formed by long and large rivers which is protected by mountains from the cold northern wind. People enjoy a peaceful life in the city. The Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital have important roles teaching medical and nursing students and providing high level healthcare for the city and the region. The Advanced stroke center has started its work from September 2020 with the ambition to offer state of the art treatment for neurological patients. It is my great pleasure to organize this symposium with "Stroke and the BBB" as its main scientific topic. It was our wish to invite the participants to Izumo and show the natural and historical beauty of this area. Unfortunately, the worldwide pandemic does not allow the organization of the meeting in a traditional way. Therefore, using information technology, a virtual meeting will be held: let's talk about our work and enjoy international communication online. Thank you for your support and interest in the 3rd international mini symposium on the BBB.

Kentaro Hayashi M.D., Ph.D.
3rd Mini symposium on the BBB from Basic to Clinical Research
Professor and Head
Advanced Stroke Center
Shimane University Hospital